COVID Diary — Day 2

Sourced from Unsplash (Taken by Nick Fewings)

Woke up with a migraine but no cough. Tried to self-manage it with paracetamol and water. Made a coffee and there — the cough made a stunning return. My ears were aching. Hands. Toes. All cramping.

Spent half the day watching Sick Note in bed. Can’t believe they cancelled it after two seasons, it ended on such a cliffhanger. What an absurd, funny but overdramatic show!

Grocery order was dropped at our doorstep and I forgot about it for an hour or two. No one stole anything. Food in the house at last! At around 3.30 pm I started feeling like the world was spinning and my brain was foggy. Like I’d forgotten to do something. Remembered the song review I was writing for a friend’s single release — due tonight, must get around to that ASAP.

Drank a litre of water. Took some Panadeine Forte which finally got rid of my migraine. Wished something weaker would do the trick. Took some multivitamins to feel like I was doing all the right things. Actually started feeling well enough to make pea and ham soup from scratch with the new ingredients I’d just had delivered. Was it really pea and ham soup if it had all these other vegetables in it too? I always go overboard with the ingredients because I love flavour, taught by my Mama, the best cook I know. Was I just trying to see if I was slowly losing my sense of taste? Everyone else who’s had COVID complained about that.

The soup turned out great. Didn’t feel too crook tonight at all.

And now I’m off to keep working on my book with Jay via FaceTime. Writing long-distance has its challenges, but if Jay has taught me anything, it’s to accept the challenge and iron out the problems later.



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Jaidyn Luke Attard — writer, poet, author of There’s a Tale to This City & The Street Poet